It’s Time To Reconsider the Stance On Opposite-Sex Friendships

Its an age-old argument: Can men and women undoubtedly, really, frankly simply end up being buddies?

People are categorical about this: No. There is going to be ambiguity.  

Other people — generally those with many pals through the opposite gender â€” demand that platonic friendships between direct both women and men can exist. 

Right here is the thing: research indicates differences in the way in which both men and women see and experience opposite-sex friendships. If you are a dude, you are very likely to genuinely believe that your female buddy might-be drawn to you whenever the woman is not. Ladies, on the other hand, will assume their insufficient destination towards their particular male friend is shared — hence the presence of the dreaded friend zone principle. 

an anonymous AskMen audience voiced her concerns about the possibility one-sidedness of male and female friendships on guyQ, AskMen’s Q&A program. 

Can people genuinely be only buddies?

Without intentions of gender or whatever else pals generally won’t have? 

I really don’t think this and this is precisely why I don’t understand why my sweetheart really needs feminine buddies. Men often only befriend ladies they have been drawn to. Personally I think similar to this is how they turned into friends in the first place. Attraction is what delivered both collectively. 

I additionally feel just like dudes seek out their particular “friends” to complete the void after some slack up.


When you yourself have a firm opinion on the subject, the following solutions from guyQ customers could easily get one reconsider your stance. In the end, is not life filled up with grey areas? 

But we completely believe that a man and a female are unable to have a close connection outside of a bunch setting without there becoming some sexual tension, by a minumum of one person, at some point in the connection. I’ve arguments with folks all the time about this, and I have however are confirmed wrong. I am not saying that these urges is going to be acted on in every union, but somebody should be curious sooner or later. Really don’t genuinely believe that whoever is within a relationship must spending only time with someone associated with opposite gender. That is only my personal opinion.

But I will claim that not totally all guy-girl connections tend to be mainly based away from attraction. You will find friends which can be ladies that I’m not attracted to. 

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Certain males normally befriend ladies that they are keen on, because these are the only real women that speak with in the first place, since they’re attractive. This is harmless.

There’s quite a distance from appeal to motion.

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