Ethereum developers will reduce the number of test networks

The Ethereum Developers team announced the closure of three test networks-Ropsten, Kiln and Rinkeby-after the Mainnet transition to the consensus algorithm Proof-OF-Stake (POS).

The twins provide applications for the environment for deployment and verification for errors before the full launch. These are full -function blockchains, the history and volume of which are growing, the Ethereum team reminded.

“Ultimately, this complicates the launch of GCDs and their maintenance. For this reason, some test networks are periodically closed, ”the statement said.

The developers will stop support for the Kiln twistedness immediately after the Ethereum transition to POS or the so -called “merging” [The Merge]. The experimental network was launched in 2022.

June 8 Ropsten successfully transferred to POS consensus. However, it will be closed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The Rinkeby network will not be conducted through The Merge. She will stop working in about the second/third quarter of 2023.

The Ethereum team recommended users and application developers to use Goerli or Sepolia dot, which will be supported after the “merger”.

Ethereum developers also recalled that the Grey Glacier update is planned on the #15 050 000 unit on the main network. His only task is to postpone the activation of the “complexity bomb” for about 100 days. The upgrade will allegedly occur on June 30.

Recall that the Ethereum team expects to conduct The Merge in August in Mainnet.

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