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Federal Gsa Per Diem Calculator and description of insufficiency of the local per diem rate. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

Per diem https://intuit-payroll.org/s depend on the standard or previous cost of traveling to an area, plus the standard expenditure once there. State and local government travel mirror the federal per diem rates. This remains unchanged for FY 2023–follow the federal per diem rates (standard federal $98 CONUS and selected metro area rates). Any area that is not specifically listed is assigned the standard CONUS per diem rate. The standard rate in effect is $77 for lodging and $46 for meals and incidentals. If the registration/conference fees receipt shows itemized charges for meals, and the cost of a meal exceeds the per diem amount for that meal, it is an allowable and reimbursable expense. The Commonwealth realizes that part of the meal fee could be for space rental.

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Travel is 24 hours or more, and you are returning to your official station The M&IE rate applicable to the previous day of travel. (See Business Mealfor details.) Per diem is paid only when traveling on official OVERNIGHT business travel.

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A per diem rate is the daily amount the federal government allows its employees to pay for lodging while on official travel. What’s more, many private sector businesses and organizations also use the federal per diem rate as a guide when setting their own travel standards.

FY 2023 CONUS Per Diem Rates for Federal Travelers Released – GSA

FY 2023 CONUS Per Diem Rates for Federal Travelers Released.

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